Our company which was established in Erdek, Balıkesir in 1987; started its own productions in its last technological, modern institutions in 1991 in order to strengten and to fortify its position in this growing and developing marble industry sector. Our company has been continuing to product in its own establishments that are situated on a 30.000 square metre; including a 9.000 square metre closed concrete area.

Öztürkler Marble Company has been exxporting every kind of marble, including Crema Nuova and Rosalia as half-product and full-product to many different European, Asian and Middeleast countries; for this reason our yearly exportation averge has been increasing each year.


The aim as a company is to follow the developments in human resources and general management sector; to establish and to issue administracion systems in a modern and global way, by supplying it to take more advantage than its rivals according to the year of 2016.

We are aiming to increase our market margin not only in our country but also in abroad by our experience and our rivaly force in this marble sector.